The Judge's Chambers

The Judge’s Chambers

The name says it all. Press releases from PMD and development letters can be found here on Pontiacs Supercar

Internal PMD Doc stating delay of Judge production

Press release- Pontiacs new Super Car!! 12/19/1968

Car Life Road Test - 1969 GTO Judge - March 1969

PMD - Pontiac to introduce a lower priced GTO 10/31/1968

Full Press Release including factory tech data 12/19/1968

Stripe usage for 1971 GTO

We have a sales code and a UPC code The WT-1 is born! 12/12/1968

Hot Rod Industry News October 1970. Judge satisfactions 1971

The 1970 GTO Judge advertising page. Notice the car is missing the hood tach and the stripes.



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