2022 Indian Uprising
Frequently Asked Questions

Who votes for the Awards given out at the show?

Our Celebrity Panelists select the Feature Car awards, and they also select their own personal awards on Sunday. We will have judges for the five Best Of Show awards. All paid participants (those who purchased a space for their own show car) vote for their favorite Pontiacs for the majority of the awards, given out on Sunday.

Why don’t you have points judging?

We try to make this a family weekend. Points judging is a specialty and we would have to pay individuals to do that. That would drive pricing up.

How can I get an indoor space in the ballroom?

There are limited indoor spaces that can be purchased on a first come first assigned basis. Indoor parking is available via online purchase only.

If I could not register for an indoor space in the ballroom, can I be put on a waiting list?

We do maintain a waiting list for indoor parking. Occasionally an owner has to cancel, and that space is then offered to the first name on the waiting list.

Why were there some empty spaces in the indoor ballroom last year?

There were a few empty space. Since they were paid for, and we were not notified of a cancellation, we were not able to resell them.

Where is the entrance for the show field, spectator parking and registration?

The entrance to the show field and spectator parking is on Sands Road. It is located on the East end of the Holiday Inn property. There will be no entry via Three Oaks Road on the south side of the property. NO ONE will be allowed to enter via that entrance.

Why was the Crystal Lake Holiday Inn selected to be the host hotel for the show?

Our Show Committee searched throughout the Chicagoland area. We were looking for a facility that had indoor parking at a hotel. One place with ample indoor parking was priced at $40,000 for the weekend. Since we are a charitable club, such pricing was prohibitive. The Crystal Lake Holiday Inn was the best fit for our show that was also affordable.

Why were spectator cars parking on the show field?

We simply ran out of spectator parking spaces on Saturday afternoon. We had to turn some spectators away that day, because of this. This year we are trying to find trailer parking at other parking lots in the area, which should resolve this issue.

Can I leave my show car on the show field overnight?

Yes you can. We will have 24-hour security to keep an eye on all of our show field and trailer parking areas.

If my car has an indoor parking space, when can I leave?

Cars will be able to exit the ballroom after the awards on Sunday. This is usually around 4 pm.

If I leave early, can I still get my award?

We request that you be present at the awards presentation. Sorry, we do not ship out awards to individuals.

Last year the hotel appeared to be very short-handed. Will this be an issue for 2022’s show?

The pandemic greatly affected many restaurants and hotel businesses. The hotel is working hard to hire more help for the 2022 show. Hopefully this will improve before our next show.

Why are the Ames Performance Norwalk Show and The Indian Uprising Show being held on the same weekend?

The Indian Uprising already had signed contracts in place for August 12-14, when the NHRA announced a change in their schedule of the Ames Performance Norwalk Show. We are hopeful the events can be held on separate weekends next year.